2. Uluslararası Suç ve Ceza Film Festivali Kadına Yönelik Şiddet ve Ayrımcılık Prof. Dr. Adem Sözüer  - Kitap
2. Uluslararası Suç ve Ceza Film Festivali

Kadına Yönelik Şiddet ve Ayrımcılık

1. Baskı, 
Ekim 2014
Kitabın Detayları
Kapak Türü:
Karton Kapaklı
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Kitabın Açıklaması
Dear Passengers of Law and Cinema,
We are so happy to have successfully accomplished the II. International Crime and Punishment Film Festival, which brings together the world of academia and cinema, with the ideal of achieving justice for all and building a more just world. During the 2013 edition of the Film Festival, academics, NGO representatives, public officials and participants from the world of cinema discussed -Juvenile Justice-. While addressing the legal and socio-economic aspects of the main theme, we also tried to understand the issues involved and find solutions from the perspective of cinema, as a medium in which true society is reflected. The First International Crime and Punishment Film Festival in 2011 had as its main theme -The Period of Coups and Confronting the Past- and as such addressed an important concept. Throughout the Festival, we watched films presenting the great sufferings caused by Coups and also discussed, with the creators of those films and academics, what should be done to prevent them from happening again.
Gathering great attention in Turkish and International Media in its first year, in its second year, in 2012, our Festival addressed one of the major problems of mankind. We chose that problem, namely -Violence and Discrimination against Women, - as our main theme of the Festival. We do believe that in a society where women’s rights have not become a reality, the improvement of human rights and democracy, in general, will not be possible. The magnitude of the problem in our society is well-known. However, before we find effective ways to tackle this societal problem, a number of issues need to be addressed first.
There have been great developments regarding criminal law in Turkey. The decision in 1999 on Turkey’s candidate status for European Union membership has paved the way for Turkey to adopt numerous important Constitutional and legal reforms intended to ensure democracy, the rule of law and the protection of human rights. Many of these reforms have related directly to the functioning of the Turkish judicial system. Turkey has shown great commitment in progressing the pace of legal reforms that have brought considerable changes to the political and legal system. It has also taken important steps to ensure their effective implementation, in permitting Turkish citizens to enjoy the basic freedoms and human rights in line with universal standards. The fight against violence and discrimination, human trafficking, drug trafficking and human rights are the very issues that play a crucial role in solving the criminal problems Turkey faces today…