Macroeconomics Prof. Dr. Volkan Alptekin  - Kitap
1. Baskı, 
Kasım 2023
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Kapak Türü:
Karton Kapaklı
Temin süresi 2-3 gündür.
Kitabın Açıklaması
The difference betvveen this book and other invaluable counterparts is that it adopts a very "plain" and "clear" language in order to ensure a better understanding of the theoretical integrity of macroeconomics. At first, this distinction may seem like a very small detail. Hovvever, when we take into account that the information conveyed has the povver to convey information to the extent that the reader can understand economic texts, vve realize hovv important it is. From this point of vievv, economics is no longer an esoteric content and is presented to the reader's logical universe with ali its neural netvvorks in the clearest and simplest form.
On the other hand, the aim of contributing to the economics literacy of students studying in undergraduate programs of faculties such as FEAS, Business Administration, Political Sciences and Humanities and Social Sciences as vvell as basic economics is one of the areas in which this book is ambitious. VVe knovv very vvell from our professional experience that conveying the science of economics, which is an engineering science, to the reader in a clear and accurate manner significantly affects the success of our students in this field. For this reason, İt vvouldn't be vvrong to say that I am seriously assertive about the guality of the book.